Accidental Tryst

042519bk2Natasha Boyd’s book is well outside my usual reading territory … but what are book clubs for?

The basic plot follows a pair of strangers who accidentally swap phones at an airport charging station and get to know each other — quite intimately — while they’re using each other’s phone. Except for the explicit sex, it reminded me of a 1940’s-style romantic comedy movie in which missteps and misunderstandings delay the inevitable connection between the protagonists. Updated for the 21st century, it turns on the importance of smart phones in our lives, and emphasizes text, talk and video features of the technology. Other reviews have compared it to the movie “You’ve Got Mail.” I’d say that’s a fair comparison.

As I said, the explicit sex will eliminate some readers. (I was tempted to skip a few chapters, but I was listening to the book and just sped through them instead. The narrators, by the way, have the kind of voices I thought worked well with the book.) But for those who can handle it, this was actually a fun book. The “Not Safe For Work” label on the cover is 100% accurate, though.