The Country Club Murders

I enjoyed Julie Mulhern’s Country Club mysteries so much, I devoured the whole series! And I read all but the last in one month. I had to wait for The Telephone Line to come out before I could read it. I love the series’ return to the 1970s (yes, I lived through them). The TV, book and music references sometimes made me laugh out loud, yet Mulhern manages to tackle some serious social problems, too. At times Mulhern reminded me of Diane Mott Davidson’s Goldy Bear catering mysteries and at others of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum stories. (Although there are no recipes and no car explosions.) And, as a midwesterner with family in KC, I’ve been to several of the places she talks about so visualizing her scenes was easy.

The country club set — not necessarily the club — is the focus of the book, the high society figures in the greater Kansas City area. (The stories float across the Missouri-Kansas state line, just as the city does.) The narrator and other characters are also aware of and comfortable with their Midwestern roots, but it’s something that still tends to generate a few plot points that grow from the urge to do things better than East and West Coast residents.

I hope I don’t have much longer to wait for Mulhern’s 10th installment in the series.

Update: As of July 2020, the series is up to 11 books. The most recent two came out this year and I read them as soon as they got to the library shelves. Still a good series with the same familiar characters, and I still recommend them.

I needed a laugh this week. Thankfully, Ellison and her crew came through as reliably as Mr. Coffee. These are just always fun to read. Can hardly wait for the next one.

Another update: I just had a chance to read the February 2021 book, Night Moves, the 12th in the series. This one may have been the scariest yet, but I can’t say how without spoiling it for others. I will say there’s even mention of tea! Scandalously close to Mr. Coffee! Let me just say I won’t delay reading the next book when it comes out this fall.

Seriously, kudos to Julie Mulhern for another fun book in the Country Club Murders series.