She’s so sharp

I’m a late-comer to the world of Charlie Fox, but I have no plans to leave soon. Cover of Second Shot by Zoë Sharp I just read Second Shot, the sixth book in the series of 10, based on a description of the story and it’s opening line.

I was lucky enough to meet Zoë Sharp at the last Love is Murder conference in Chicago. (It wasn’t meant to be the last, but that’s another story.) I went to two of her sessions and, even though I hadn’t heard of her before, I knew I had to get my hands on a Charlie Fox book immediately. If Zoë’s well planned and extensive writing tips’ session hadn’t been enough, her demonstration of self-defense moves for women certainly clinched it.

Charlie is British, ex-Special Forces, and not remotely a wall-flower. She doesn’t go out of her way looking for trouble, but if it finds her, it better get out of the way. If you like adventure, action, motorcycle chases, danger, thrills and think a woman can be in the midst of it, these stories are for you.

(2018 update: I’ve since read most of the Charlie Fox stories and had enjoyed every one. I still think of the series as great escapist fiction with ties to real-world problems.)



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